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An Open Letter to all the "Biological Staffing Services" out there:

  • "Ecology" is a "Biological Science", too.
  • There's more than one kind of "Environmental Scientist". I'm the kind who didn't spend years on his B.S. to change air conditioner filters.
  • Don't treat me like an idiot because my definition of "biology" encompasses more than one cell at a time.
  • If your firm doesn't cover jobs in my field, don't act as if that's my shortcoming.
  • Someone with valuable, hard-to-find skills in marine surveying doesn't want to be told that you might be able to get him a job washing bottles, if the employer's not real picky. He'd much rather hear you say, "No, I'm sorry, we really don't handle that kind of work."

I mean no disrespect to those in the Glassware Biology fields. I have more than a few friends who happily toil in labs across the country, if not the globe. While I have an Associate's degree in Biotechnology myself, is not my field, and I deeply resent being treated like a red-headed stepchild by "Bio-Staffing" companies because my education, skills, and abilities encompass the macroscopic instead of focusing on the microscopic.

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