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That Big Furry Question Meme

Cribbed from normanrafferty.

  • Who was the first fur/were/... you met in the internet?
    Counting dragons? Probably Blackburn or aeto on

  • Who was the first fur you met in RL?
  • When did you met him/her?
    I met Mark Merlino and his crowd back in the early '80s. Brrrr. It was almost 20 years before I finally joined the fandom proper.

  • Your first con?
    A Star Trek convention in Oakland, CA, in 1976.
    My first Furry con was the first Further Confusion, in 1999.

  • Your first con in a foreign country?
    Does Texas count?

  • Your first furry character?
    Assuming you mean "The character by which I first became known in Furry Fandom", that would be Your Obedient Serpent, Athelind Stormdancer, The Boojum Snark, a.k.a. "B.J. Snark", a.k.a. "Lizard".

  • Still have that char or changed it?
    Look at the byline, bunky. The name may change, but the dragon remains the same.

  • If you changed your char - why?
    See above.

  • If you're an artist:
    • When have you done your first furry picture?
      Hmmmm... around 1974-1976, some time in there.

    • When have you done your first trade?
      I haven't yet, really, other than some mutual digs between myself and normanrafferty in the last couple of years.

    • When have you done your first commission?

  • Ever written a furry song or poem?
    Oh yes.

  • The first furry chat for you?
    #afd (the IRC presence of on DALnet.

  • Your first furry forum you posted?

  • Your first collar?
    Um... I have a collection of bolo ties. Do they count?

  • Your first tail?
    1982. Green, with a blue spade tip and lighter green ventral plates.

  • Your first fursuit?
    1982. The dragon costume that accompanied the above tail.

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