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I've decided that if I'm going to keep my l33t GIS Skillz honed, I need to have Geographic Information System software on my personal machine to work and play with. Most major commercial GIS packages would be well out of my price range even if the Employment Fairy should appear from the stars and grant me a job, and of course I would never consider non-commercial access routes to such applications. Never. Ever. Even if I could work around their razzin' frazzin' registration systems.

GRASS (Geographic Resources Analysis Support System) is a public domain, open-source GIS application native to UNIX-flavored systems. There is a Windows version, but it's buggy, and beyond my ability to install. For one, it requires "Cygwin", which has indecipherable installation instructions in its own right.

If I'm going to go to that much trouble and that steep a learning curve, I figure that I should finally stop procrastinating and just install some flavor of Linux.

And so, I'm asking for suggestion, feedback, and input on Operating Systems -- the one topic that makes Religion, Politics, and Sex seem tame in comparison.

What flavor of Linux/BSD/BFD/Whatever do you recommend?

Obviously, my recent political posts didn't engender nearly enough conflict and discontent to suit me.

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