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In Blackest Night

All right.

I bitched when I heard that DC was restoring Hal Jordan to the role of Green Lantern, but I took a breath and decided to deal with it.

Even after reading the issues of JSA that were obviously setting up Hal to lose the cloak of the Spectre, I wasn't going to say anything more. Since its inception, JSA has has five years of solid stories, never missing a beat, never missing a note -- until this ill-conceived story arc.

I wasn't even going to say anything after the recent issues of Green Lantern itself, in which Kyle Rayner, who has shown himself time and again over the last decade to possess integrity and character, who in recent years has really come into his own as worthy of the Ring and worthy to stand alongside such icons as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, has instead been portrayed as a petulant child.

I have just realized, however, that Ron Marz, the person who is currently writing GL and is undermining those superb stories, is the writer who created Kyle in the first place.

Now, that just hurts.

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