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Can't sleep. Bush will eat me. Can't sleep. Bush will eat me.

quelonzia's alarm doesn't go off for another 20 minutes, and here I am, wide awake.

Two hours until the polls open.

I'm as excited and hyper and nervous as a kid who's about to take his college board exams on Christmas morning. It's a strange combination of anticipation and dread.

The college board metaphor isn't a bad one. This is like a collective IQ test for America: have we done our homework? Have we paid attention, and learned from the last four years? Or have we bought into the lies and deception of the Bush Junta, people who insist that they can remake reality to their own liking?

Daylight Saving Time is another good metaphor. In the Untidy States, we just set our clocks back an hour -- are we going to set our calendars forward to the future, or back to the feudal, theocratic past?

There's the alarm. Time to post. Time to pace.

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