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Senior Year!! (stolen from pretty much everyone)

What year was it?

What were your three favorite bands (performers)?
The Beatles, Styx, and, um, Neil Diamond. Shut up.

What was your favorite outfit?
Corduroy pants and, most likely, a t-shirt with a dragon on it.
I also tended to wear a parka in hot weather -- I lived in the "low mountains" and went to school in the "high desert", so I'd wait for the bus in 30-degree weather, only to have it hit 90 by 10AM.

What was up with your hair?

Who were your best friends?
Dewight and David, who went to the same school, and Kurt, who was in college up in Orange County. Of the three, one died in the late '90s, and one is still one of my best friends.

What did you do after school?
Rode the bus for almost an hour, then did homework, watched TV, worked on D&D stuff, or hiked along the river bed. I don't know why it took me so long to realize I was an outdoorsy type -- I spent a lot of time outdoors.

Where did you work?
I didn't.

Did you take the bus?
Oh, yeah. A long, long, rural bus route. It wasn't practical to do anything else. When they hit me with detention, every hour was more like three, since I had to wait until one parent or another picked me up on the way home from work.

Who did you have a crush on?
Nobody, at that point. Just as well -- my transportation issues made a social life problematical.

Did you fight with your parents?
No. Wow, that's kind of weird, isn't it?

Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on?
This was 1982 -- nobody had really come along to supplant my childhood crushes on Diana Rigg and Katherine Hepburn. You gotta admit, those two are hard acts to follow.
Well, okay, Fujiko from Lupin III came close.

Did you smoke cigarettes?
Given that this was when my family's respiratory problems were really making themselves known -- not only "no", but "HELL no, are you stupid or something? Get that shit away from me!"

Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack all day because you were too nervous to find your locker?
Nervous? No. Lazy? Yeah. It was less effort to lug than to walk back and forth, especially since I wound up bringing them all home at night for homework anyway. (That's also why I wound up wearing the parka in mid-day.)

Did you have a 'clique'?
Yep! I single-handedly introduced Dungeons & Dragons and Traveller to my high school, and thus begat a whole new species of nerd to persecute! (We weren't "geeks" yet. The term "nerd" was still enjoying prominence from its revival on Happy Days.)

Did you have "The Max" like Zach, Kelly, and Slater?
I have no idea. I never watched Friends.

Admit it, were you popular?

Who did you want to be just like?
My stepfather, I think.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A Scientist!! (Boldface, initial capital, and two exclamation points obligatory)

Where did you think you'd be at the age you are now?
Living in an O'Neill Cylinder at L5, of course. Either that, or scraping my way through a post-Apocalyptic landscape, envying the dead. "Utopia or Oblivion", as Bucky Fuller used to say.

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