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First, Last, Now.


  • First job:
    Hickory Farms (mmm, cheese).
  • First screen name:
  • First funeral:
    My stepfather's father.
  • First pet:
    "L.T.", a Basset Hound.
  • First piercing/First tattoo:
    Feh, piercings and tattoos are for weenies. I have scars.
  • First credit card:
    American Express (don't leave home without it).
  • First kiss:
  • First enemy:
    I got in an argument with my best friend in Kindergarten, and we never made up.


  • Last car ride:
    Sunday. Shopping for toilets, of all things.
  • Last kiss:
    This morning. =)
  • Last movie watched:
    Larva, a SciFi Original.
  • Last beverage drank:
    Dihydrogen Oxide.
  • Last food consumed:
    Chicken cheesesteaks. (Is it really a cheesesteak if it's made with chicken?)
  • Last phone call:
    Moments ago, from an unknown party looking for someone else.
  • Last time showered:
    About two hours ago.
  • Last CD played:
    The Best of the Doors
  • Last website visited:


  • Single or taken:
    Oh so very happily taken.
  • Gender:
  • Birthday:
    28 February.
  • Sign:
    DANGER! CAUSTIC! Authorized Personnel Only!
  • Siblings:
    Two older sisters.
  • Hair color:
    Light brown/dark blonde
  • Eye color:
  • Shoe size:
  • Height:
  • Wearing:
    Jeans and a t-shirt with a dragon on it.
  • Drinking:
    Dihydrogen oxide.
  • Thinking about:
    This quiz... um, this question on this quiz... um, my answer to this question on... Oh, hell. I'm thinking about recursion.
  • Listening to:
    "The Unknown Soldier", by The Doors (see above)

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