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Just the news I needed to cheer me up!

UPN Cancels Enterprise

UPN and Paramount Network Television jointly announced Feb. 2 that its low-rated Star Trek: Enterprise has been canceled after four seasons. "This will be the final season of Star Trek: Enterprise on UPN," the companies said. The series finale will air on May 13. When Star Trek: Enterprise ends its run, it will mark the first time since 1987 that no new Trek series will appear on the air.

Enterprise becomes the first Trek series to end prematurely since the original Star Trek aired on NBC in the 1960s. All previous Trek spinoff series, including The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager, have completed seven-season runs.

This year, new executive producer Manny Coto re-energized Enterprise's storylines with episodes that hearkened back to the original series. Last year, the series attempted an ambitious season-long story arc centering on the hunt for the Xindi.

UPN said that the prequel series will have produced a total of 98 episodes. The early cancellation announcement presumably allows producers to write and produce a series finale.

Revelations I'd like to see in the Enterprise series finale:

  • The entire series was an aberrant timeline caused by all the temporal meddling of that "Time War" (and all the time travel done in the previous Trek shows.
  • It's just a really cheesy holodrama in the Voyager era, well-known for being about as historically accurate as Xena or Hercules.
  • (Insert Your Idea Here.)

At some point, I should mention that despite my complaints about the Parallel Evolution of Ties, I'm finding the new Battelstar Galactica to be quite impressive, much more so than I would have expected from the miniseries. I'll have more on that later.

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