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Sometimes, they really are out to get you.

Tapes: Enron plotted to shut down power plant

(CNN) -- A Washington state utility released audiotapes Thursday that it said revealed bankrupt energy trader Enron Corp. plotted to take a power plant off-line in 2001 to jack up electric prices in Western states.

That same day, shortages of power forced rolling blackouts in northern California that affected about 2 million customers.

No big surprise on my end. It was pretty obvious to anyone paying attention that "deregulation" caused the "power crisis" of 2001, and that Enron was deliberately shutting down plants to extort more money out of the state.

This is the "New World Order" of the current Administration. This is the "Ownership Society". Handing public trusts over to profiteering corporations -- do you really think that "privatizing" Social Security is going to come out any better than this?

My reserves of outrage are tapped. All I have left is a sense of resigned inevitability. Welcome to the United States of BOHICA.

If there are still any corporate lackeysonservatives who read my journal, please, please try to defend deregulation in the comments. I need a good target.

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