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Happy Valentine's Day -- and so much more!

I know there are a lot of people all grumpy and angsty about this particular holiday.

Well, I'm not going to make it any better, kids.

This is our holiday. This is our romance. It's not Hallmark's, it's not See's.

It's Athelind and Quelonzia Stormdancer's.

Ten years ago today, you see, I recieved a bouncy, happy little e-mail from someone signing herself "Prism Dragon", who'd seen my posts on and decided to say hello.

A couple of weeks later (just before my 31st birthday, in fact), she and I started flirting a bit on a.f.d, and moved the conversation to private e-mail. By this time, she'd taken the name "quelonzia".

Nine years ago today, I arrived in Dallas, Texas, to move in with this wonderful woman. The timing of my arrival, I should note, was prompted by my mother, an incurable romantic. When she heard that the 14th was going to be the first anniversary of our first e-mail, she deliberately timed the bus tickets accordingly.

It's been ten years together, and a hundred more wouldn't be enough.

I love you, Fire of my Heart.

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