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Lent? To whom, and for how long?

You'd think I of all dragons would remember a holiday like "Fat Tuesday", but once again, it slipped my mind for a full week.

So here it is, a week into Lent, and, once again, I have a deadline, and need to eliminate as many distractions as possible until it's met.

Thus, as I did in 2003 and 2004, I am Giving Up MUCKS For Lent. While the deadline is almost a full month before Easter, I'll have no trouble finding projects to devote the extra time and focus upon.

Again, I'll probably poke my snout in once a week or so, and after the deadline passes, I may take the Ramadan approach and allow myself moderate use in the evenings and on weekends. Maybe I'll start taking part in the Artist's Ambush again -- it seems like that's the only 30 minutes a week I can really goad myself into drawing.

Folks who normally interact with me on the MUCK can contact me via ICQ -- and, of course, I'll still be checking LiveJournal and e-mail and so forth.

And if you were wondering -- no, I'm not Catholic, nor any other sect or creed that officially observes Lent. I'm just continuing the long ecumenical tradition of appropriating other people's holidays for my own purposes.

Brownie points to those who can identify the source of the subject line. Nobody even hazarded a guess last year.

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