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Why do web designers think that re-sizing your browser window without asking is necessary or desirable? Nobody going to a site is going to jump up and down with joy and say, "Hooray! You resized my window so I can't see anything else on my desktop/none of the other pages go to look right!"

At best, the reaction is going to be shrug-who-cares or, for the truly oblivious, "I didn't notice". More often, it's going to range from irritation through "this honks me off so badly I'm gonna make a blog entry" to "no way am I going to buy anything from these annoying fuckwits."

It's almost as bad as a pop-under ad. The usual phrasing of "going to a website" isn't exactly the right metaphor -- you're really inviting the website onto your machine. And just because I invite you into my home doesn't mean you can rearrange the furniture without asking.

If you do insist on the "going to" frame, then think of "going to" a store, and as soon as you walk in the door, someone grabs you from behind and ties a tie around your neck.

Edit: Company websites shouldn't just be ads, either. They should have useful information, vital statistics for products, maybe even PDFs of user manuals.

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