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"It's like riding a bike!"

"It's like riding a bike!" is an old cliche to describe a skill that doesn't atrophy significantly when left unused. If you learn to ride a bicycle, you'll always know -- you'll always have the reflexes and kinesthetic knowledge. If you go a few years without riding, you may wobble a little for a few minutes when you get back on, but it won't take long for everything to come back to you.

Writing is not like riding a bike.

Writing is like body building.

If you let the discipline drop for too long, all that hard-earned muscle turns to fat.
And not in a good way.

I'm not sure that's the best analogy, either, though. I spent far too much of the last few months unable to assemble a coherent paragraph, but when everything finally clicked, I was, if not at the top of my game, a good ways up the slope.

Still, I plan to keep writing on a regular basis after this paper's done. Work on some freelance RPG projects; script my Magnum Opus Web Comic; at the very least, try to get one decent-sized LJ post in every other day.

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