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Most evenings, quelonzia and I eat dinner up in our rooms, watching TV in bed (Ah, family togetherness). Tongiht was no exception. After we finished, I set the plates down on one of the bedside tables, and stretched out on my stomach to watch TV. At the next commercial break, she decided to head downstairs to refill her drink, and asked me to hand her the plates. Instead of sitting up to reach for the plates, I rolled over.

"You're going to fall off the bed!" she warned.

We have one of those viscoelastic foam matress toppers, and it has an annoying tendency to slide around. Lately, it's been sliding toward my side of the bed. The extra couple of inches made me completely mis-estimate how much bed I had. By the time she got her warning out, gravity had its hold.


I managed to hit fairly evenly, but I smacked my elbow pretty badly on the frame of the bed. Our bed is also rather higher than most, and, frankly, 100 kg falling a full meter packs a lotta joules.

I... hurt. All over. Not excrutiatingly bad, but tomorrow will probably not be fun.


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