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It's more than just ID Cards.

From various sources:
REAL ID removes the right of judicial review -- including habeas corpus - for people fleeing persecution, undermines the privacy rights of even native-born Americans, burdens the states with complex and unfunded ID requirements, makes it harder for battered women to hide from their abusers, scapegoats the immigrant community and does nothing to address the actual problem of border security and enforcement in the United States.

The new law is also retroactive, so people can be deported today for things they did or said lawfully years ago.

Congress has crafted a completely unprecedented provision that guts the principle of judicial review by granting the DHS secretary complete and total immunity from the courts when it comes to the construction of "barriers and roads" in this one specific geographical region... As the present bill stands, if DHS built a road through an endangered wetland and committed four murders in the process, nobody could take the government to court over it. Is this the kind of unchecked power that we want Congress to have?

Caesar had his Brutus, Charles the First his Cromwell, and George W. Bush...
...may profit by their example.

If this be terrorism, make the most of it.

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