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Crouching Gungan, Hidden Jedi

I've growled and snarled at... well, pretty much everything George Lucas has done to the Star Wars since the decision to trade in Wookies for Ewoks in Return of the Jedi To be honest, though, the only part of the "Special Editions" that really bother me is Greedo Shooting First.

As for the Prequel Trilogy... I only saw The Phantom Menace once, and, despite Jar Jar and midichlorians and a projector bulb that burned out during the one scene everyone says is the best part of the film, I did enjoyed the first time around. I didn't like it enough to see it again, and then the Toy Store Gimmicks and the Grumbling Fanboys and David Brin's "Star Wars Despots vs. Star Trek Populists" all started invading my brain.

In other words, I let myself fall into the trap that I always try to avoid: I let the critics make up my mind for me.

I let the trailers grab me for Episode II, and, again, enjoyed it in the theater -- but I started picking out the plot holes and inconsistencies and the superficial message. It didn't seem as much a toy commercial as Episode I, but I was pretty disgruntled by this point.

I was determined to blow off Episode III -- wait for video, maybe, if that. The franchise was dead to me, I insisted.

On the other claw...

A recent interview with George Lucas, a comment to a Star Wars thread in howardtayler's LiveJournal, and a series of essays at Space.Com have me reassessing my reactions.

I think I've been taking the movies both too seriously, and not seriously enough. There's stuff under the surface that I've let slip by, because I've been too busy complaining about the fanboy details.

I plan to see Episode III. Ideally, I'd like to re-watch Episodes I & II immediately beforehand -- and possibly follow it up with the Classic Trilogy, Special Edition or otherwise.

And maybe I'll even let tealfoxtealfox talk me into a Star Wars d20 campaign.

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