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We live on a corner in a residential neighborhood that is, for some reason, fairly busy, even though it's not really a major throughfare. It probably has to do with the high school being right across the street. The fire station is also at the far end of the block, so we do tend to get sirens with surprising regularity. Those don't bother us much, really.

We also get a lot of cars with either Extremely Powerful Bass Stereos, Exhaust Systems Tuned To Sound "Powerful", or both. They usually cruise by in the evenings, while we're sitting with the windows open, enjoying the night air and trying to watch something on TV.

I really want to put up a sign for these guys:

Your Thumpa-Thump Car
Can Only Make Us Pity
Your Tiny Penis.

Edit: It originally ran "Your Thumpa Thumpa Car/Only Makes Us Pity/Your Tiny Penis", until hitchkitty pointed out that it was almost a haiku.

But quelonzia's daughter won't let me.

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