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Charlotte Weaver (a.k.a. silkspider) noted in her last entry that Julia Roberts was going to voice her namesake in the upcoming live action/CGI remake of Charlotte's Web. Strangely, I can see -- or hear -- Ms. Roberts providing the voice of FurryMUCK's Charlotte even more than I can the literary Charlotte.

Which brings to mind Ms. Weaver's favorite question from her days of playing "Truth or Dare" on the MUCK:

When they make FurryMUCK: The Motion Picture, who should provide the voice for your character?

I dithered about this one for many years, but his recent selection to play Doctor Henry Philip McCoy in the upcoming feature film has finally won Kelsey Grammer the honor of voicing Your Obedient Serpent.

(For those of you who don't frequent FurryMUCK, please substitute your alter-ego's preferred habitat.)
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