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The Brave and the Bold

After a hiatus of more than a quarter century, DC is going to resurrect one of the classiest comic book titles ever: The Brave and the Bold.

The able pen of Mark Waid, who made both the Flash and the Fantastic Four the "must-read" books of the time, will open the ceremonies.

It's nice to see one of the Classy Old Titles that aren't character names return to a real, monthly book. A few JSA-related books have popped up with the old All-Star Comics logo, and they've invoked "World's Finest" for a few occasional Batman/Superman projects, but those have all been one-shots and limited series.

(It irks me that the  monthly best known for its wordless logo doesn't have "World's Finest Comics" in the indicia rather than "Superman/Batman".)

I like those old anthology titles, the ones without a specific hero's name plastered across them -- even if they were associated with a specific hero for much of their run. Action Comics is still "The Other Superman Book", but the rest are gone: Adventure, Showcase, Mystery in Space, Strange Adventures, and pn the other side of the aisle, Marvel Premiere, Amazing Adventures, Journey into Mystery... classy, stylish, atmospheric names that hearkened back to the pulps.

But, hey. The Brave and the Bold.

In a tragic note, the announcement came the day before Jim Aparo, the artist most associated with the title in its days as a Batman team-up book, died. Aparo was one of my favorite artists in the '70s. He had a distinctive style that was both realistic and minimalistic -- his work looked more "cartoony" than Neal Adams, but he eschewed the exaggerated physiques preferred by many in the field. He also had a sense of layout and composition matched only by Jack Kirby -- with a completely different tone and feel.

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