November 5th, 2002

Eye of the Dragon


Meme contracted from foofers - Patient Zero was fragmentchild.

Ok, here's how this works. Think of anywhere between one and three bands, books and movies that you like or think that people should be familiar with. Obscure or indie ones are preferred, although not required (in other words, most people have seen, say, Fight Club, so mentioning it probably won't benefit them even if you really liked the movie). Add your lists on top of the one(s) below, along with a link to your journal, and post it along with this text. Remember to use lj-cut if it gets too long.

Addendum by growf: LJ truncates entries above a certain length, so include a link to the post you got the meme from so people can find the missing list(s).

Well, Rafferty mutated the meme to add "Television" to the genome... memome? So I think I'll follow suit.





  • The Prisoner

  • Legend (not the bleeping Tom Cruise movie; the steampunk Western from 1995, with Richard Dean Anderson as a dime novelist turned hero, and John de Lancie as a thinly-veiled clone of Nikola Tesla)

  • Tales of the Gold Monkey