November 21st, 2002

Eye of the Dragon

Classic Moments in Gaming

After spending a few minutes out front locking eyes with one of the local felines, I recalled a Classic Geek Moment:

From Gamma World, c. 1983 or so...

The party included a mutant panther played by "Doc", and Hood-Spreading-To-Catch-The-Dawn, a mutant cobra played by Your Obedient Serpent. At some point, the party found themselves in disagreement, leaving Doc and Hood glaring at each other, and our respective players RPing it by staring each other down at the table.

Doc: "Not many people can stare down a cat."

Moi: "Snakes... don't... have... eyelids."

I miss Brother Hood. Fun character.
Eye of the Dragon

And there were dragons, dragons, flying o'er the road....

Back in my days at Texas A&M, I spent a lot of time hanging with the SCA group there.

And with Cepheid Variable, the science fiction fan organization.

And with the now-defunct gaming group.

(...this may have a little something to do with my failure to graduate from that hallowed institution...)

Anyway, this afternoon, I happened to recall a song that was in the repertoire of an SCA friend of mine back in those days -- "Dragon Road". I did a Google search, looking for the lyrics, assuming it was an SCA standard.

Much to my surprise, I happened to find his own site -- and that was the only reference Google could find to that particular song. He doesn't know where it came from, either.

But he's got the MP3: Scroll down for "Dragon Road".

It's magnificently geeky: more D&D than SCA, to be honest, as the chorus reveals:

And there were dragons, dragons, flying o'er the road,
Wyverns all around us, and behind us, yellow mold,
And there were orcses, orcses, filling all the wood,
And they all jumped upon us because we were Lawful Good...

Update: I found the lyrics, with a credit line! "by Sir Cipriano d'Alvarez mka Guy Bradley "
Eye of the Dragon

New Plates

Your Obedient Serpent got his personalized plates yesterday.

You can find more of my cute little car here.

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