March 31st, 2003

Eye of the Dragon

April Fool's?

This is, to say the least, an unusual forecast for this area. 80 degrees today, followed by snow??? Further down, they clarify the forecast as "Snow Levels near 3000 feet" for Wednesday night, and "low snow levels" for the rest of the week.

Of course, any snow this late in the season is bizarre.

The Pacific Satellite photo does show something out in mid-ocean that might be heading our way, but this season has been full of Rain Tomorrow That Never Quite Gets Here. The storms keep fizzling out or shifting north or south of us.

Weather Underground agrees with the NOAA site, but The Weather Channel gives a much more moderate forecast, with today's high only at 68F and the rest of the week filled with light rain and scattered showers.

NOAA wouldn't be trying to pull an April Fool's gag on us, would they?
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Eye of the Dragon

It Hurts And Stings!

Elf Only Inn is a web comic about an online RP chatroom run by an arrogant twit and frequented by a crew of misfits who'll play anything but the fantasy characters the channel op demands. I found it pretty damned funny -- but I'm an old-time veteran of IRC #afd in its heyday.

Those of you who've never frequented IRC and other chats might not appreciate it as much. It's hard to tell how much of TEH FUNNY was of the You Had To Have Been There variety.

For those of us who have -- it's like coming home.
And remembering why you moved out...

Start at the beginning.
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