April 13th, 2003

Eye of the Dragon

Curriculum Vitae

I've got a lead on a job that wants a "Curriculum Vitae" from the applicants (it also wants a Master's Degree, but since I fulfill pretty much all the other fairly-specific requirements listed, I'm bulling through anyway).

I've known that a CV is longer and more in-depth than a resume, but none of my college preparations ever discussed CVs at any great length. Most of the sources I've found to date are vague and contradictory, and don't really explain how to go about writing a decent one. Most ofthem, in fact, lean heavily on the suggestion that you should look at other people's CVs and do what they did.

Which, of course, leads to a question: if nobody can actually explain how to write one of these verdammt things, how do I know that the ones I find online are any good? Where did they learn? How can I tell a good CV from a bad one?

Finally, I found a good, solid, clear, straightforward page on the subject from Colorado College.

I'm posting this because, while grumbling about the situation to several friends (with LiveJournals), they, too, admitted that they were in the dark on the topic. I suspect that we aren't the only ones. So... Public Service Announcement.

Hope this helps folks out!
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