May 20th, 2003

Eye of the Dragon

Well, isn't THAT special.

Looks like LiveJournal has decided that free users all have to use the ugly lavender-and-white color scheme instead of picking from one of the list of default colors.

Now I'm torn -- we were going to pick up a paid account at some point, but this just feels like extortion. My knee-jerk reaction was "okay, that's it, now it's time to send them money to give me my delightfully garish "Supernova" color scheme back" (it's soothing on my eyes), but I don't want to reward them for this kind of behavior.

Funny thing is, I've been quietly thinking, "yeah, yeah, right, right, if it's that important to you, shell out the valuta" when people have bitched about the restrictions free accounts have on images and invite codes. But, jeez -- those things take a lot of space and bandwidth. This just feels malicious.

Maybe I'll just get a copy of LYNX to read the damned thing.

Update 06:02 AM

Aha. Looks like this isn't malicious after all.

(Due to several site updates, your journal may appear in different colors. You may also experience code-related errors while viewing FAQs or attempting to create a poll. This is a temporary problem, and will be resolved as soon as possible.)

Still, it's funny that it only seems to have hit the free users.

Update 13:16 PM

And now it's all happy and orange again. Do hush, Athe.
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