June 6th, 2003

Eye of the Dragon

Moving Day, Part 1.

Well, this is it -- today, we get the U-Haul, tomorrow, we move the hoard up to Santa Clara. I find myself looking around the apartment, and feeling... nothing.

Now, please understand: I'm Mister Nostalgia. I'm the guy who gets misty-eyed about throwing away a loyal toothbrush. The longest I've ever lived anyplace is six years -- after four and a half, this place has firmly settled in the #2 Slot.

And yet... nothing.

Despite our time here, this has always felt like temporary digs. It's University Housing, so we knew coming in that we were going to leave as soon as I graduated. The fact that it took me a year or two longer than I'd originally expected didn't change things. If anything, they exacerbated them -- we've been "about to move" for most of that time.

As much as I've enjoyed my time here at CSUMB, I'm not "nostalgic". Most of my friends have graduated and/or moved, leaving us with little or no actual social connections here. We're not really leaving anyone or anything behind -- quite to the contrary, we're moving closer to a lot of our friends.

It just doesn't feel like we're leaving anything.

I'm certainly not leaving anything unfinished. With this degree in hand, I have the first real sense of closure I've had since graduating high school.

Of course, once all of our furniture and everything is loaded onto the truck tonight, and we spend the night in an Empty White Space, I might get a little wistful.

Right now -- Too Much Stuff To Do.
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