June 26th, 2003

Eye of the Dragon

Moving Day, Part 2 and beyond.

It was supposed to be so simple.

Pack everything up, rent the U-Haul, cram everyting inside it, drive up to the new lair, and unpack.

Terraluna (currently between jobs) volunteered to come up the night before, help us load the truck, crash on the futon overnight, and help us unload the next day. hinoki also volunteered to meet us at the new place to help unload. Many many many thanks to you both, guys. I shudder to think what it would have been like with just me and Quel and our son-in-law.

Two snags:
One, the U-Haul wasn't big enough for all our stuff.
Two, the entropy level in the garage was at a record high. Two years of neglected costuming materials, gaming paraphenalia, Christmas wrappings, and Just Plain Trash had formed a homgeneous mass that defied conventional sorting. There just wasn't anyplace to put the sorted stuff.

So... Sunday (8 June, for those taking notes), quelonzia and I stayed home and unpacked stuff. Got the bed set up, figured out where stuff should go, that kind of thing.

Monday, we went back down to finish up the actual packing, with an eye on renting another U-Haul the next day to haul it all up. After ploughing through the Homogeneous Mass for a few hours while Quel worked inside the apartment itself, I told her, "The only way I can function out there is if I have a truck in which to throw all the trash as I sort, and drive it off to the dumpster."

Well, we'd planned to get a local-only U-Haul to haul the washer and dryer over to Quel's daughter's place, so that idea actually worked out.

The next day, we did exactly that -- and managed to pretty well fill a 14-foot truck to a depth of about three feet with just trash. Of course, one item was the battered, bent, and broken futon frame, but still.

Wednesday, we unpacked; Thursday and Friday, Quel went to work while I did stuff around the house and ran some errands. Saturday, we got the Final U-Haul, loaded up the Last Few Things, and moved it all in.

The new apartment is great -- very comfy, and in a great location. Quel's job is about 12-15 minutes away -- that's a lot nicer than the two-hour commute she had from Marina. I've been heading back to CSUMB a couple of days a week to do some follow-up work in the lab down there, and, since I'm going opposite the main flow of traffic, it takes about half the time.

Stuff is close. The other day, we caught ourselves bitching about going "all the way down to Lawrence Expressway" -- which is just over a mile to the West. Down on Old Fort Ord, a mile in any direction would get you pretty much... nowhere. There's just so muc STUFF around here!

We're about a mile from Terraluna, maybe two from andreal, rikoshi, and tealfox, and about 10 minutes from hinoki. foofers is about... 20-30 minutes from here? Maybe a bit more, but nothing unreasonable. Nit quite sure where diadexxus, but she's somewhere here'bouts. And we know scads of other people in the area -- apologies if I've left you out.

After a couple of weeks of unseasonably mild temps, the Solstice seems to have been the trigger to Let The Hot Out. It was in the 90s yesterday, and will be again today. This is kind of a new experience after five years in Monterey -- we actually slept with the window wide open last night, and were quite comfy. Historically, I don't do well in hot weather -- but again, after five years of Almost Constantly Being Cold And Damp, there's a part of me that finds this quite refreshing.
That part is called "the early stages of arthritis".

All in all, this works. Huzzah!
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Eye of the Dragon

Be Careful What You Wish For.

For the last two years, I have said repeatedly to my computer, "Come on, baby. Just hold together long enough for me to finish my capstone and graduate."

I got exactly that, and no more.

We moved on the 7th -- and were supposed to have cable and broadband hooked up that same day. That's a whole 'nother entry in and of itself, and I might let quelonzia cover that one. Since we didn't, I didn't bother hooking up my system until Sunday, the 8th.

I putzed around a bit, played some MP3s on WinAMP -- and then, crash, not ten minutes after booting.

I rebooted... no, I didn't. I tried to reboot. Nothing. Not even the text that the BIOS sends to the screen when you hit the button. The green ON light was amber. After futzing with drive cables and getting an occasional almost-boot, Quel and I admitted defeat. Both of us were thinking "motherboard", but neither of us wanted to say it.

We took it to the computer place around the corner, and, sho'nuff, it's the mobo. So... whilst still in a financial crunch from the move... Leviathan got a new mobo and CPU. Oh, and the old RAM won't work on this one, and it needed a heftier power supply, too. The damage wasn't TOO bad, though, other than the timing. On the silver-lining side, the new mobo has built-in audio, video, and Ethernet -- about the only original equipment in the box now is the modem, the case, and the original 20-gig hard drive. The audio is much better... not that I'm gonna be listening to MP3s on this box anytime soon.

Why not? Well, for some reason, all my computer problems crop up when I'm using WinAmp.

For instance, all my documents are on the 80-gig Maxtor that I installed last year.

So, after replacing 90% of the computer just a week before, guess what gave out last Friday as WinAmp played?

I suspect that the Maxtor has been glitchy since Day One, explaining a host of iiritating little problems that have cropped up -- but since WinAmp is so HD-intensive, all my problems seem to crop up when it's running. So... I've yanked it off this box. We're gonna set up the Old Dusty Spare Computer as our WinAmp box.

According to the guy at Central, it looks like the documents can be salvaged -- in fact, he's already dumped them onto his local drive. But... I'm running without that drive right now, and without the 13-odd years of not-backed-up documents thereon. Yes, yes, I know, I should do backups. Soon as it's back in, and I can afford the stackthirty or forty CD-Rs it'll take to back up the 12 gigs of data I have, and I have thelong weekend I need to pull that off, I'll do it.

Alas, right now, all that data is waiting for me to go in and shell out the money for the 80-gig Seagate I'm buying to replace the Maxtor. I'm not sure when I can afford that, though -- right now, Quel and I are so broke we're rationing toilet paper.

Honestly, though... she did hold together long enough for me to finish school. So I can't get too upset.

But, HOORAY! Now that I have most of my computer back, I can job hunt!
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