July 27th, 2003

Eye of the Dragon

About Bloody Time.

(Mad Props to jdarkwulf, normanrafferty, and tealfox)

The Apocalypse is Nigh. Or Gehenna, if you prefer -- or, it seems, The Ascension.

After a dozen years, White Wolf has finally decided to bring about the various Ends of the World implicit in all of their World of Darkness games, whose apocalyptic themes have reminded me of nothing so much as those stores that always seem to be having Going Out Of Business sales.

I'd be less blase about all this if they'd done it two or three years ago, like they originally implied. If it had all lined up with the Millenium, it would have been an Event. Instead, they decided to milk the cash cow until its udder was spitting dust, and then to finally slaughter the poor beast for meat before it just plain keeled over from senesence.

They felt the need to note in the press release that The Dark Ages line "will continue as normal". What, the end of the world doesn't affect events that happened centuries before it? No backward ripples that mute the immutable past? Why, this violates everything that Crisis on Infinite Earths ever taught us!

I do confess a mild curiosity as to what sort of re-hash they'll follow it up with for their "wholly different... new and compelling setting."

I mean, they already have a post-Apocalyptic game in the works....
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