September 5th, 2003

Eye of the Dragon

Might As Well Face It, I'm Addicted To MUCK

It's time for another round of Cold Turkey.

Graduation from college after all these years was a milestone, but I hyaven't really had time to savor it. I've mentioned the Job Hunt, of course. I don't recall if I've mentioned that, at the graduation ceremony, my thesis advisor/employer offered to continue paying me through the summer to revise my capstone thesis into something that could be published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Well, the summer is over, and I've made very little progress on that project.

Poor time management is a main contributor. I've had two Critically Important Endeavors this summer: A) Find a Real Job and B) Finish The Paper. Once again, I've lapsed into one of my worst habits: when faced with having to divide my time and energy between two Vital Tasks, I wind up Just Not Dealing With It and finding some way to escape.

Sometimes I walk or clean the apartment or do laundry or spend more time running errands than I really should. Sometimes, a "quick lunch meeting" with andreal turns into an all-day clustergeek at the Casa De Los Zorros y Leopardo.

By far, however, my escape of choice is to log onto FurryMUCK and not come up for air.

Unlike many of my FurryMUCK compatriots, I'm not particularly good at keeping the MUCK in the background while I Do Other Stuff. Even with other windows open, I tend to focus too much on the conversations there. More often, I don't even open other windows -- "just a few more minutes, and I'll fire up Word," while those minutes turn into hours.

Taking time off during Lent helped me get my Capstone finished. Now, I'm calling another Hiatus until I get at least a draft of this paper turned into my old lab for internal review, and possibly until I get a version submitted into the publication stream.

Mostly, I just want this damned thing off my back. It's a great project, and I did a damned good job on it, but dammit, I am tired of homework.

Note to the Ironclaw group: obviously, this will hamper our current procedure of coordinating game nights via FurryMUCK page-mail. I've still got e-mail, phone, cell phone, LiveJournal, snail mail, and I only live two miles from y'all, so I'm hardly vanishing off the face of the planet.

(A certain fluffy leezard may still participate in the Artists' Ambush on Mondays. That's close enough to productive to be an exception -- since it's the only time I ever actually push myself to draw anymore.)
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