September 20th, 2003

AAAAAA, angry

Bogus Badger Bunco Bluff

From Mike at Grouse, via dewhitton:

"Many of you have probably seen the Badgers animation that's doing the rounds at the moment. It's undeniably pretty neat, and deserves its fifteen minutes of fame before we all get so sick of it that we'll start killing badgers on sight.

Well, some kind soul has decided to help out a bit, and register the domain, and put up a copy there. Unfortunatly, this appears to be little more than an attempt to cash in on a fad and line their own pockets. There's a lovely little PayPal "Donate" badge on the page which does not go to the creator of the animation.

Please, don't pass that address around - and above all do not send any money via the link on that page. If you're feeling generous and want to thank someone for amusing you for a few minutes, got to the creator's site and donate via the link there.

I'd be really grateful if anyone reading this who has a blog or anything could make a little note of the situation. Don't let this asshole get away with this. You're free to copy the above text verbatim if you like."
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