September 23rd, 2003

Eye of the Dragon

Coyote Loves Me.

Well, just five days after my roommate's bike got stolen, mine got stolen as well. While they snagged his from our car-port, they actually had to hop the fence around our apartment porch to get to mine.

I confess that I didn't have mine locked, even after Chris lost his -- on the other claw, though, they probably would have just cut through my lock or cable, which was nowhere near as formidable as the Brink's Vault setup that he had.

Dang it -- I had finally started making headway on the damned thesis revision this morning. Ah, well, I'm not going to let this derail me.

On the plus side, my bike WAS registered down at CSUMB. I called the campus PD and left voice mail for the records officer there -- hopefully, they'll still have that data on file. Also on the plus side, the Santa Clara police said that something like 40% of stolen bikes get recovered.
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Eye of the Dragon

And he said it with a straight face. Again.

Events during the past two years have set before us the clearest of divides: between those who seek order and those who spread chaos; between those who work for peaceful change and those who adopt the methods of gangsters; between those who honor the rights of man and those who deliberately take the lives of men and women and children without mercy or shame.

And just where do we fall?

The old regime built palaces while letting schools decay, so we are rebuilding more than a thousand schools. The old regime starved hospitals of resources, so we have helped to supply and reopen hospitals across Iraq. The old regime built up armies and weapons while allowing the nation's infrastructure to crumble, so we are rehabilitating power plants, water and sanitation facilities, bridges and airports.

Meanwhile, back in America, we'll just keep throwing money at CEOs and corporations while letting schools decay, starving hospitals for resources, and allowing the infrastructure to crumble.
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