September 28th, 2003

Eye of the Dragon


(Shout-Out to jdarkwulf)

The Other Short Bus -- now a tax deduction!

That's right, us po' folks now have the honor of subsidizing the purchase of big, expensive gas-guzzlers with our tax money!

Welcome to the New Feudalism. Let's go back to the days when taxes were what poor people paid to keep rich people rich!

You know, the longer the Bush Junta occupies Washington, the more John Carpenter's They Live feels prophetic.
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Eye of the Dragon

The Stupidist Thing I've Ever Done

Or definitely in the top five, anyway.

hinoki, andreal and I took a trip out to The Dead Mall today, to pick something up at the game store there. Afterward, we decided to have lunch at In'N'Out.

I'm not all that used to driving with passengers, though I'm growing more accumstomed to it these days. Still, as we were getting out of the car, I was distracted, trying to keep track of conversation and other things.

Other important things.

We had a pleasant, high-cholesterol lunch, and headed back to my little purple car. I reached into my belt pouch for the keys... and stopped. I looked down, double-checked, checked the OTHER pockets in the pouch, and then walked over to look into the car.

I'd locked my keys in.

After a moment, we realized that, not only had I locked my keys in... I'd left the engine running.

For the entire time we were eating.

Thankfully, it didn't use a significant amount of gas. And thankfully, quelonzia, the Fire of my Heart, was just a cell phone and a short drive away.

But, damn, was that stupid.
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