December 14th, 2003

Eye of the Dragon

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Once again, the Miserable Failure has gotten a sudden, undeserved boost to his credibility just when his poll numbers had started dropping.

Just in time for election year, too.

What convenient timing.

The more conspiracy-minded among us might wonder just how long we've been keeping him in that hole, waiting for just the key psychological moment to announce his capture.

I'm not quite that paranoid, though, especially since Hussein was found in his old home town, in the heart of his personal, family, and clan loyalties. I'm fulling willing to credit the role of Dumb Luck in the Global Village Idiot's career.

I'm not the only one Coyote loves, I know -- but oh, dear Dog of Gods and God of Dogs, I really must wonder about your tastes sometimes.

Perhaps your apparent affection for the Unelected Fraud is just part of a great joke on all the rest of us.

Good one.
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