March 31st, 2004


Employment History Update

Spent the morning chasing down what I could of my employment history contact information. When I contacted one of my previous employers, everyone who talked to me was very helpful, but noted that the supervisors for that particular department rotated on a fairly regular basis. I finally decided that "Contact Human Resources" would be the most useful thing to put in the "Supervisor" blank -- and with that epiphany, I realized that it neatly solved the other Glaring Blank Spots therein.
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Eye of the Dragon

And now, trivial irritations.

I loathe the use of the abbreviation "DnD" for Dungeons & Dragons.

It wouldn't bother me quite so much if I only saw l33tsp33king semi-literates using it, but I've seen it otherwise articulate, well-spoken, grammatically flawless writers use it as well.

Come on, people, is shift-7 that hard?


Say it with me now. Am-per-sand. Aaaaam-perrrrr-saaaaand.
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