April 28th, 2004


Weighty Issues

The Obesity Myth
The biggest evidentiary problem for those who insist there is a strong causal link between increasing weight and heart disease is that deaths from heart disease have been plunging at precisely the same time that obesity rates have been skyrocketing.
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While I have been losing weight lately, that's a side-effect of better eating habits and more exercise. It's not my priority.

News Flash: The Non-Anorexic Want Cool Clothes, Too.
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Update [08:30]: Really! It's Okay! (Flash animation: makes noise, uses vulgar language, may contain valid medical information)
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Eye in the Pyramid, fnord

Revisiting Weighty Matters

Great Googly Moogly!

Did anyone actually bother to follow the damned link and read the article on The Obesity Myth?

From the responses, it doesn't sound like it. Almost everyone zoomed in to refute the single paragraph I quoted, but didn't mention anything beyond that. None of the other studies, none of the other conclusions, none of the logic and reasoning that lead to them.

I didn't chose that as a summary, gang.
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