May 21st, 2004


The Music Meme

From howardtayler and innumerable others:

Pick an artist and answer the questions with titles of their songs.

My pick: Rush.

  • Describe yourself:
    New World Man
  • How do some people feel about you:
    Show Don't Tell
  • How do you feel about yourself:
    The Enemy Within
  • Describe your ex-girlfriend:
    Witch Hunt
  • Describe your current girlfriend:
    Chain Lightning
  • Describe where you are:
  • Describe where you want to be:
  • Describe what you want to be:
    The Spirit of Radio
  • Describe how you live:
  • Describe how you love:
    Closer to the Heart
  • Share a few words of wisdom:
    A Farewell To Kings
  • Current Mood
    contemplative contemplative