July 18th, 2004


I Hate Uppitty Software.

Jeezus GAWD damnation, how do I turn off the stupid f***ing spell check in Corel? I'm making a batch of jordangreywolf's Ironclaw Figures, and I want a whole row of lowercase letters -- but it insists on making the first letter in a line a capital.

UPDATE: normanrafferty told me how to turn off the auto-corretion "feature" in CorelDraw. That changes none of the following commentary.

This sort of thing has always been a minor annoyance for me -- software that "fixes" stuff that doesn't need fixing, or changes data based on completely erroneous assumptions about what I'm trying to do.

Sometimes, it's not just a minor annoyance, though. I've dealt with this one, too, though, thankfully, it never screwed up my data.

When are application programmers going to learn that they do not know more about what the end-user wants to do with an application than the end user does himself? When I was in the military, one of the things they drummed into us was that Anticipating Commands was a good way to get yourself and everyone around you killed or injured. I think more "clever" programmers need to go through Boot Camp.

Or just get a swift boot in their camp.
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