July 26th, 2004


Job Hunt Update

Well, the week before last, I filed with two employment agencies who are keeping an eye out both for Geospatial Ecology positions and general office jobs that I can use to keep the cash coming in while waiting for Real Work.

Last Friday, one of them contacted me and let me know that they could only get ahold of one of my three Business References -- not surprising, since two of them are, in fact, college professors, and it is, of course, the middle of summer. I know that one of them could be anywhere from Santa Barbara to Antarctica on some research expedition or another.

I start shuffling through my array of notes and old e-mails to find other suitable contacts -- and this time, I got in touch with them first, to make sure they were available.

Jackpot. They were both happy -- nay, enthusiastic -- about giving me good references.

One of them is also going to keep an eye out for possible positions for me -- yay, networking!

The other is a scientist at NASA Ames Research Center. Why do I always forget that when listing my accomplishments? "I worked for NASA for a summer." That's kind of, like, the Big Time. It's What You Say To Impress Just About Anyone. "That's right. I am a rocket scientist."

To be honest, these are much better contacts than the ones I had listed before. One prof never really had that much interaction with me. The other was my former Capstone Advisor -- and since I completely dropped the ball on revising my capstone for publication after graduation last summer, I've been deeply concerned about the quality of reference I'd get from him. Without that nagging paranoia, I have a lot more confidence about applying for positions.

Now I just have to supplement the efforts of my agents with efforts of my own -- back to Workzoo.com!
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kill everybody

Cards On The Table

I'm gonna lay it all right out here:

After all that's been said and done, all the things they've inflicted on America, the American people, and the world, anyone who supports the Bush "Administration" falls into one of these categories:
  1. Stupid
  2. Delusional
  3. Corrupt
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