September 17th, 2004

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I haven't been posting much, lately -- and I haven't been posting much of anything political at all.

Why? Because it's hard for me to discuss such things without screaming, and screaming doesn't accomplish much at all.

Of course, Kerry's silence doesn't accomplish much, either.

Kerry's greatest asset is that he's a complex thinker, one who's not willing to distill intricate policy matters into a few sound bites. That's also his greatest liability -- he's simply not willing to talk about anything anymore, since the Grand Old Machine's Advertising-Slogan approach to running the world is virulent meme.

The easiest way for Kerry to start talking about his policies, though, would be to contrast them with the problems and failures of the Current Administration.

Kerry could talk about how Bush turned the greatest tragedy in American history into an excuse to further his personal agenda. The war on Iraq was planned before 9/11; they were just looking for a way to make it palatable to the American public.

Or about how he connived us into attacking a country that had nothing to do with those attacks, looking for WMDs that weren't there, just to fulfill a family vendetta. How he turned the United States of America, our country, my country, into an aggressor nation.

He blew off Afghanistan and let the Taliban take control BACK after 'liberating' it.

How this administration has pushed an agenda to strip away our Constitutional rights, curtailed free speech and assembly, herded up American citizens excercizing those rights in legitimate protest, dragged off both American citizens and those of other nations -- not aggressors, but erstwhile allies -- and held them without counsul...

In short, Bush has done and continues to do EVERY DAMNED THING BIN LADEN COULD HOPE.

Yes, I'm outraged. I could go on, but I'm very close to screaming again. And screaming doesn't accomplish anything.

But neither does silence.
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