September 29th, 2004

Eye of the Dragon


Every so often, I go scouting the web for photos I can use as visual references and game-props. You know: swords, sci-fi blasters, firearms.

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I don't really have any conclusions or suggestions to wrap this up. Does it bug anyone else to let an LJ post just... trail off? Too many years of writing essays, I think.
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hope, science, green hills of earth


Mike Melville has brought Spaceship One in for a landing after touching the edge of space once again. It has not yet been determined if this flight meets the requirements of the X-Prize.

There are tears in my eyes. The ship had a camera on board feeding live footage. We saw the Earth from space again. Oh, gods, I needed this. We ALL needed this. In the midst of all the tawdry greed and tragedy wracking out world, to know that we can still raise our heads and touch the sky...
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