October 15th, 2004

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Schoolhouse Rock for the One-And-Twenty

Pirates & Emperors is a near-perfect riff of the Schoolhouse Rock style.

Like those classic cartoons, it explains something at a grade-school level: the United States had best be careful about using "aid and support of terrorists" as a litmus test for pre-emptive war. Our own record's hardly clean in that regard.
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Eye of the Dragon

The Lord of the Pants.

Okay, I'm sure some if not most of you are familiar with the dreaded Star Wars Pants Game, where you take well-known quotes from The Trilogy and its prequels and substitute one or more words with the word "pants" for amusing effect. For example:

Vader: "I find your lack of pants disturbing."

Things got a little silly during last week's D&D game, and we started tossing Pants lines around... then it got worse, when we realized that another Epic Movie Trilogy provided an equally fertile ground for trouser-related humor.

And so, our DM sat down and compiled them. And added more. And more.

And so, I inflict upon you...

The Fellowship of the Pants
The Two Pants

Addenda welcome.
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