October 26th, 2004



I don't think I've gotten a full-blown case of the flu in years -- but that's not through lack of trying. Whenever flu season rolls around, I get... wannabe flu. Flu Lite. Unfluenza. Whatever.

One year, I had most of the classic flu symptoms... one at a time. I'd have stomach troubles (and I'll spare you the details). I'd have achy muscles. I'd have congestion and headache... but they'd come one after the other.

This year, I've got the "half-flu". I don't feel sick -- I just feel rotten. Once again, I've got all the classic symtoms -- my stomach's cranky and crampy, I was congested until I took a Benedryl, I had a headache that wouldn't go away yesterday, and my muscles ache. It's all low-level, though -- and somehow, that's worse. I feel just bad enough that I can't get anything useful done, but not bad enough that I feel justified in Being Sick.

Too bad. I declared today a Sick Day anyway. I watched last week's Smallville, read my copy of Albedo: Platinum Catalyst, and finished re-reading Hal Clement's Mission of Gravity.
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