November 16th, 2004

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Rumors of the Fat Lady Singing Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.

Apparently, even though this has been going on for a week, the mainstream media aren't touching it -- even in Ohio.

Recount in Ohio A Sure Thing
A demand for a recount in Ohio can only be filed by a presidential candidate who was either a certified write-in candidate or on the ballot in that state. Both Green Party candidate David Cobb and Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik will be demanding a recount. No other candidate has stated an intention to seek a recount and no other citizen or organization would have legal standing to do so in Ohio. The Cobb-LaMarche campaign is still exploring the possibility of seeking recounts in other states but no decision has been made yet.

Funny how the "irregularities" and "glitches" only favored Bush... including Bush wins in heavily-Democratic counties, Bush getting more votes than there are registered voters in some precincts, a high frequency of "spoiled" punch-card ballots in traditionally-Democratic communities, entire precints' worth of ballots getting shoveled into pick-ups with Bush-Cheney stickers on them...

If Kerry comes out ahead after all is said and done, I wonder if the Republicans will start whining, "Kerry conceded! No take-backs! You're trying to steal the election!!"
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Oh, yay.

quelonzia has indeed caught a full-fledged version of what I had last week. This morning, she was coughing up the ever-popular Green Goop. She'll becalling the doctor today, and hopefully can get in and get a 'scrip while I still have the remnants of my antibiotics still in my system. I really really really don't want to catch this again.
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quelonzia update!

When I called the doctor last week, I managed an appointment on the morning of the next day.

When Quel called this morning, they said, "Can you be here by 9:50?"

She made it by 9:49. By the time I'd called her to remind her about refilling her other perscription, she was already in, out, and en route to the pharmacy -- and calling me to get her perscription number. This means she's catching it at about the same stage I did, so she should get Der Crud out of her system pretty quickly. Not that she's gonna let herself get anything like the appropriate amount of rest.
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