December 3rd, 2004


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The frightening side of change: why syndicates don't like Scott Kurtz and Keen

Last week, The Websnark had a lot of intersting things to say about the nattering and grommishing of syndicated cartoonists about various webcomics making inroads into the newspapers without going through the syndicates.

Replace "newspaper syndicate" with "record label", or replace "web comics" with "open-source software", or perform any number of substitutions. This is a microcosm. The established interests see the Internet, the Web and Digital Media as a threat to The Way They Do Things. And they're right. The Second-Wave Economy is centered around middlemen and distributors. Technologies that allow creators to reach their market efficiently are indeed a threat to those who rely on inefficiency to rake in profits.
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Number One!

1. Number one comfort food. Peanut butter and brown sugar sandwich. Would you like carbs with that, sir?
2. Number one person you can turn to in times of trouble. quelonzia!!
3. Number one book you read over and over. I don't re-read stuff as much as I used to, but... Starship Troopers, by Robert A. Heinlein.
4. Number one movie you can watch over and over. Equilibrium.
5. Number one reason you are doing this meme. Because it was fast and easy.
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