December 18th, 2004

Eye of the Dragon


Ms. LeGuin is Not Happy.

And neither am I. quelonzia and I have just started watching our recording of Legend of Earthsea. When they started talking about "broken amulets" and "prophecies" and the arrogant, strutting warlord popped up like Pontus Pilate looking for the Nameless Wizard Destined To Thwart Him, I guv up.

I know that a lot of people are going to say, "oh, there are always changes when they film a book; you should enjoy it on its own merits."

I will give that argument all the consideration it's due, and respond: STFU. I get tired of hearing that as an excuse for film-makers to do any damned thing they want with a title.

Peter Jackson understood Tolkien's works and respected them; Sam Raimi understood and respected the work of Lee, Ditko, Kane and Romita on Spider-Man. Both directors made changes, but never lightly.

There's no excuse for taking a distinctive, unique classic and churning out a mediocre, undistinguished fantasy flick out of it.

No excuse save a lack of talent, insight and respect.
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