January 20th, 2005


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Okay, this is just weird.

Yesterday, I indulged an offhand interest in cartoon director Gene Deitch. I found a site that's essentially a whole book by him, describing various projects he'd worked on over the years, and spent much of the evening reading it.

I discovered that in the early '70s, he'd actually started work on Charlotte's Web in close association with E.B. White, only to have the people with the film rights change horses in mid-stream and hand the project to Hanna-Barbera, who produced their well-known singing, dancing, musical with little or no input from the author.

This morning, I find that jdarkwulf has sent me an IMDb link to the 2006 remake of Charlotte's Web that's in the works.

Then, I go upstairs to reset some DVR timers, and find that the HB version of the film is on Cartoon Network.

And just NOW, I opened one of the comic/cartoon blogs that I read regularly to discover that Gene Deitch has just posted a few thoughts on The Polar Express*.

Synchronicity Knots are too weird, especially with the other tangle of synchronicity yesterday and this morning, where Everything Broke Down -- my printer, my toilet, our DNS server -- I'm afraid to start my car.

And that doesn't even bring up the positive Synchronicity Knot at the Con. quelonzia and I had agreed not to get a art show bidder number this year, since we're in a financial pinch and tend to kick into Full On Hoard Mode in art auctions if we let ourselves. Despite this, not one, not two, but three items that we really liked got no bids whatsoever (you tasteless Philistines), so we were able to buy them directly from the artists.

But, jeez. Charlotte's Web Weirdness. Maybe </a></b></a>silkspider is trying to tell me something.

*My own thoughts on the issue: Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow has as much or as little claim to the designation "animated feature" as The Polar Express.
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