February 7th, 2005

danger, Warning: Caustic, caustic

LJ Trauma

Oh, what a beautiful morning.

I just made a bowl of instant oatmeal. The first time around, I opened up the packages, dumped them into the bowl, spilled a little -- and suddenly, there was a silverfish on the counter. I'm about 90% sure he was in one of the packages.

I then reflexively dumped the bowl of oatmeal into the sink, realizing as I did so that the last two or three times the kitchen sink had backed up, it was because someone had dumped oatmeal or ramen into the disposal. So I got the wee sink plunger and cleared that up.

I should note at this juncture that I went out and specifically purchased the Wee Sink Plunger after realizing that people were using the Toilet Plunger in the sink where we prepare our food.

I then discovered that, yes, his powers of prophecy are undiminished: if you make a habit of leaving the cordless phones off the charger, like EVERYONE ELSE IN THE GODDAMNED HOUSE DOES, then, yes, eventually the battery will die completely and refuse to hold a charge.

The fact that this is Raisin, Date and Walnut oatmeal is of course making me check every spoonful and ask, "Raisin? Date? Walnut? or... something else??"
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