March 9th, 2005

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RPG Thoughts

  • Over the last... decade or so, I've spent more time involved in RPG design than I have actually playing RPGs.
  • Unless it's an exceptional game, I've enjoyed RPG design more than actual play.
  • I don't like Dungeons & Dragons 3.X/d20. In general, I can see how it's an elegant revision of the archetypal RPG, but the setting conceits and the specifics of the rules irritate me. I lost interest in "Dungeon Fantasy" some time in the Reagan administration, and 3.X/d20 isn't sufficiently enticing to tempt me back.
  • No matter how hard it tries to be a "generic system", the assumptions inherent in the d20 mechanics drag every setting toward "Dungeon Fantasy".
  • normanrafferty has used the term "Stockholm Syndrome" to describe fans of TV shows and comics who keep watching them and reading them even when they're terrible, and even when they complain about how terrible they are. I've noticed the same thing with RPGs, especially d20/D&D.
  • Computer games are not "role-playing games".
  • I must not be a True Gamer, since for me, playing in a mediocre game is not preferable to playing in No Game At All. If I can't find a campaign that meets my standards, I'd rather not play.
  • Maybe my "high standards" in gaming developed when my own life and work became more interesting. I demand a game that's more entertaining than not-gaming!
  • Going to a friend's house for a game is a Social Activity. Gaming with your roommates is an Anti-Social Activity.
  • Life's too short for bad movies, stupid comic books, and mediocre RPGs.
  • Life's Too Short, dammit! Dum vivamus, vivamus!
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