March 11th, 2005

Eye of the Dragon

Nothing unexpected here.

You scored as agnosticism. You are an agnostic. You neither believe nor disbelieve in God. You don't believe it is possible to prove the existence of God (nor lack thereof).

Agnosticism is a philosophy that God's existence cannot be proven. Some say it is possible to be agnostic and follow a religion; however, one cannot be a devout believer if he or she does not truly believe.




















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
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Nothing unexpected here at all -- except possibly that I test more Islamic than Christian. This test may define "Christian" fairly narrowly; honestly, I'm not sure. My responses were probably pretty far even from the loosest Christian doctrines, though, again, scoring higher on Islam, despite my infidel's attitude toward such things as the status of women, makes me wonder.

I note that they didn't really ask anything about, oh, public piety vs. good works, or helping those in need. Did they assume that all the different religions take a similar stand on the importance of actually being decent to other people? Or did they assume that the differences in underlying metaphysical assumptions and abstract morality were more important distinctions?
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Eye of the Dragon


Ultimate Gamer!!
GM says drop 2d10, aanndd... you roll 90% !

What, are you a first generation gamer? Did you own the brown box?!
Whatever you do in your spare time, gaming seems to be your job. Either
you looked up the answers or you're the best of the best, the type that
makes other gamers strive to know more. Just don't let the knowledge
overwhelm the newbies, it tends to push them from the hobby.
We all bow before you. You are the living nat 20, congradulations. I'm
going to flee the scene now ;)

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
You scored higher than 99% on dice
Link: The Real Gamers use Dice Test written by luminasita on Ok Cupid

Yes, I am a first-gen gamer -- that's "grognard" to you, whelp. I didn't own the brown box, though I did have the three supplements to the brown box edition, that I used with Blue Book Basic until AD&D came out a year or so later.
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