March 26th, 2005


Most Annoying Spelling Errors

Okay, answer this here if you wish, or in your own journal if you want to make Richard Dawkins grind his teeth by abusing the term "meme":

What spelling errors annoy you the most?

For me, it's the ones that people could avoid if they just thought for half a second about what the word meant.

"Rediculous" bugs me, in part because it it's so damned common. You almost never see people misspell "ridicule". Describing something as "ridiculuous" says that they are "worthy of ridicule", not that they're "doubly diculous".

Oh, and there's a difference between a "typo" and a "spelling error". A "typo" is a "typographical error", an error that occurs because of the mechanics of data entry. "Teh" instead of "the" is a typo. CApitalizing the first two letters of a word instead of just the first is a typo. It's a matter of your fingers tripping over the keys. A "spelling error" is in the wetware.

As I was typing this, I caught a related error in someone's description on a MUCK: "taunt" instead of "taut". That's not a typo or a spelling error. That's just using the wrong word. So... you have a "taunt rear." Does that mean your rear is making fun of me, or that I should make fun of it?

'Cuz I'm doing the latter.
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