April 26th, 2005


Posted for quelonzia

Anyone know of a good mechanic in the San Jose area who doesn't charge an arm and a leg?

quelonzia has a 1998 Nissan Altima that has a lot of miles on it, and we need it to hold together for another year or two. It's gone from routine maintenance to not-so-routine repairs, and the Nissan Dealer repair shop we've been taking it to is sucking us dry. A few months back, we got a new alternator and a bunch of other work done. Yesterday, she had the manifold gasket replaced, and now they tell us the water pump is going.

(Funny, she wasn't getting high readings on the temperature gauge before she brought it in yesterday...)

Dealers are infamous for charging huge amounts on service. By my experience, an independent shop won't charge nearly as much -- and if we can find a good one with good word of mouth, they'll probably do a much better job.
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